My mate wants cuban (cowboy boot) heels taken off his boots and full size heels putting on.

Do we have anyone here that does anything with boots?

hehe… you can’t be telling me there’s no cobblers on LB? :smiley:

So “your mate” wears cowboy boots eh…you sure you just aint too embarrassed to admit it’s you Stevie?

hehe… you met barney at the bike show mate - he was faffing about blerdy shoes all day lol

Ye olde “my mate Barney” line eh Ramone;)

And there we have it people - cobblers! lolz

You ain’t Ratty and I ain’t a big fat pike - you ain’t gettin a bite outta me :smiley:

Just tell your mate that if he has the Cuban heels taken off and others put on, the shape of the boot and the way it “tilts” will change, he will topple forward and fall over.

Should have bought straight heels in the first place if that is what he wanted. :wink: