Cobbled streets could be back again

Bricks OK cobbles bad.

I didn’t watch the movie with sound but those aren’t cobblestones which have a rounder top surface and are squarer. The rounded top surface gives less grip as there is less surface area and a boon for us bikers.


I grew up ooop North in one of the longest cobbled streets in the country - the only positive being that film crews making period dramas etc took over every couple of years - giving us a bung to put mock facias over the windows and not park on the street. Although Mrs Merton didn’t bother - she just bussed in a million old ladies to walk up and down :hehe:

Something to be proud of, eh? :stuck_out_tongue:

Guaranteed that isn’t in England… it works and the deliveries to the machines to keep it working are on time, on schedule, and not part of a part-privatised scam by Tory Scum to milk the State for everything whilst axing every element of State support for those less well off.

Touchy… me. Yes

Impressive machine! now what happens when they come to a corner?