CNC Machining question

Hey do we have any one on here that works with CNC machining or has general knowledge of if all.

Basically I need to know if there is any difference with getting a component (non motorcycle related) done with CNC vs Casting. i.e pros and cons of both processes.

@National_Treasure knows everything.

CNC vs Casting is something I know very little of. Factors I’d consider would be quantities, cosmetic finish, dimensional accuracy etc. I guess the bottom line is if its for a one off or its a particularly intricate part machining will win the day.

I’d say any cast part like a fork yoke would still need machining to get the precision of finish for any mating surface, so it’s usually cheaper/easier to start from the beginning with machining.

Plus any part machined from a billet would have less likelihood of hidden voids or weakness of a cast part (depending on quality of foundry).

Oh ok, that sort of falls in line with all the information I have been able to gather so far. Cast for high volume but finish off with machining to get within tolerance. Just wasnt sure if one gives a less overall quality(strength, accuracy, finish). I cannot help but think that any process designed for high volume and quick turnover naturally introduce a higher possibility of imperfections.

@me_groovy by void, I am guessing you mean air pockets?

yeah, it’s what people are usually scared about with using chinese levers on bikes.