CNBR Sunday 14th April in association with Made in Chelsea


Chipping Norton Breakfast Run (CNBR) in association with Made in Chelsea (because I’m leading).

Meet at the Watford Dome Roundabout for an 08:00 sharp departure.

Usual drill, don’t ride like an idiot, don’t film, do observe proper rideout etiquette.

Pace will be steady. This route has many long sections that don’t need to be corner marked so you can hang back and catch up if you want to.

Breakfast in Chipping Norton around 11 if you wish to leave early or if you live near there and want to join for the 2nd half.



hope you ordered sun shine for the day, will see you some where .



Hi Joby, glad to see the CNBR is alive :grin: I will also be doing a run from there at 08:30 going to Lower Heyford so if you see other bikers turn up early say hi



It’s still looking dry - but I wish it would warm up



Yes it might be a full tracksuit over leathers day.



Weather is looking chilly but dry.

I hope to make it. See you are Watford before 8:00.



Right we are off at 8:03. It’s brass monkeys.



yeah It is brass monkeys, just leaving home now. will head for Bicester then C Norton, see you there.



Thanks @Joby for a great ride out.

Bloody chilly - but at least that kept the bugs away :slight_smile:



Typical understatement from Michael. “Bloody chilly” doesn’t really do justice to describing the arctic depths that the temperature reached.

But good to get out for a while and nice to meet up with everyone. Well done Joby.

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good to see you all earlier. look forward to seeing tim and janey out on there new bikes soon i hope.



It was a bit warmer on the return leg and tropical once I got to Marble Arch. Thanks to all who attended. I’m away next week but should be out the week after.



Was good to see you all … Cold were ya …
for those wondering .
this is Janey’s new steed



Wuss it was not that cold

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Very very nice



@Joby @Ben_Sir_Amos

Speaking of riding in Irish rain. My nephew was on a weekend trip yesterday. He texted me this trip report.

It started with fixing mate 1 bike because his chain would have killed him, once that was done we found a 2 inch screw in mate 2 rear wheel… Finally fix that (pugged it)… got to Kerry, rain starting, getting windy but fine, stop to put rain gear on… Mate 1 fell over (just as we started pulling out)… Get bike up ride continues for another hour… Mate 1’s clutch died… 6.30 in Killarney (weren’t meant to be there) mate 1 gets a bus to limerick his bike being towed… Rain continue to worsen… Stop and get food to cook at Airbnb (20 to 30 mins from place feels like hours) rain continues… Ride up tiny roads with grass… starts to get dark… rain continues… Ride around in circles… rain continues Ride into someone’s driveway… Try again… Ride into someone else’s driveway… They tell us where to go… Finally find place… Spend 20 mins getting out of rain gear… Light fire… Put dinner on… Eat the chocolate… Rain continues

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Sounds like a nice ride out - at least it wasn’t bloody chilly.

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