CNBR Sunday 10th of July (Made in Chelsea Edition)

Chipping Norton Breakfast Run (CNBR) in association with Made in Chelsea (because I’m leading and I’m really posh).

Meet at Shell Watford Dome Roundabout for an 08:00 sharp departure. I ride a distinctive green and black CBR600RR with bright yellow leathers so I’m easy to spot.

Usual drill, don’t ride like an idiot, don’t film and always observe proper rideout etiquette.

Pace will be steady. I’m a bit rusty and my tires are square so no heroics. This route has many long sections that don’t need to be corner marked so you can hang back and catch up if you want to.

Breakfast is in at The Old Mill in Chipping Norton at around 10 for those who wish to leave early, join for the 2nd half or just want to meet us there for breakfast.

If no one is keen I’ll go on my own or maybe go to Essex if anyone is riding out there.


Hi Joby, if only I had a road bike !

im working nights this weekend, so a no from me too, sorry

Can you put cut slicks on your offroad bike?

lol not worth it on this bike, I did on my 701 though.

In the Asda filling station, or in the Sainsbury’s filling station, or actually on the roundabout?

The big Shell filling station.

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We’ll be there.

@Michael748 the clue is in the title. For a Made in Chelsea commute to Chipping Norton you’ll be needing reassuringly expensive Chelsea Tractor fuel, supermarket go go juice just won’t do :wink:

I’ll be exercising The 250 on Essex tarmac, happy days, have a good commute all.

Good morning out. Cheers Joby, I was gasping for a drink so peeled off at Hemmel that traffic there was doing my head in.

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Plenty of sunshine and some great roads that I’ve not been down for a while plus a few, “Intersting,” ones. I’ll have to check to see how the satnav interpreted the route with the latest map update. I really like the 2nd part of the route. There was almost no traffic for the first 15 miles and there were some great roads around Thame.

@FRANC after you shot off we didn’t go back to the Dome. Michael hit the M1 and I went round the M25 then M3. I managed to hang on for the last 45 minutes but I was pretty tired.

Thanks to all who attended and those who met us for breakfast. Together we were Made in Chelsea.


Great ride, thanks for leading. Hope we didn’t slow you down too much, kept getting stuck behing horse boxes…there were so many out today!

That was a lovely ride. Thanks for organising and leading. Good turnout for breakfast too, there were eight of us (no paparazzi).

What was interesting was your definition of ‘steady’. I loved it but think I’ll give it a miss if you ever post a ride as ‘progressive’ :rofl:

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good to see guys today for breakfast, been a long time since I met up with L B’ers at chippy.