CNBR Sun 21 Feb 2016

Shell dome roundabout leaving at 08:00 prompt, progressive ride roads permitting heading for Chipping Norton for grub around 09:45ish.

Hopefully stay’s dryish 

If the weather hold out, should be up for this.

Weather looks good. Will be on a red BMW or a white Honda. Hope to see you there

Will be on the KTM by the oil and water…



If my back straightens out, I’m in.

Sound likes a Ktm

Plus im sure you mean Air and water … :p 

 glad your retired otherwise level of pedantry would be non existant

nope oil and water…I think a taxi sat here for awhile and leaked.

The KTM just burns oil not leak lol

If my back straightens out, I'm in. Kevsta
Ah that is why you are perving in the sauna 

Bugger! Can’t make it. Accidently shorted something out putting the battery back in a while ago. But it still ran after replacing a fuse. However on investigation this afternoon. It looks like I was lucky not be stranded. If I had gone above circa 10 or 10.5k rpm. It looks like the bike would either not restart or go into limp mode. Will investigate further tomorrow… So it’s boring faultfinding for me. But bike willing, might pootle to Hi-beech for a cuppa at some stage.

Possibly but don’t wait.

Yep 90 minutes of heat and stretching. Now on the muscle relaxant. :slight_smile:

Possibly but don't wait. TDJ
Leaving at 08:00

Yep 90 minutes of heat and stretching. Now on the muscle relaxant. :slight_smile:

You have plenty of that in the cupboard........


With that you could get Mrs J on a Gold Wing.

Rohypnol best before date.

Roads are dry guys up around alysbury and it’s warm. Enjoy…

Roads are dry guys up around alysbury and it's warm. Enjoy.. ijg5

Bloody windy here in Woodstock.

It sure was windy but good to be out today.

Russ got more than he bargained for, I know he likes a furry mound (just ask kev) lol




Rusty no more, Red Stripe is born😁 Glad you all had a good ride!