CNBR Sun 20/12/2015

Making the most of global warming…

Shell dome roundabout leaving at 08:00 prompt, heading for Chipping Norton for grub around 09:45ish

Definitely maybe unless I’m at my weekend retreat.

Say hi to Nige if not

Interested. Never done a rideout before. Recently back to bikes (Ducati Scrambler) after 9 years of abstinence (and that was a scooter). Would this be a suitable ride? Motorways?

I don’t know the exact route but can guarantee with some proper certainty there’ll be no Motorways. There will be the odd section of dual carriageway but no motorways :slight_smile:

Really interested now… Do I have to book somehow, or do I just turn up?

Next time you do a rideout, you should be a bit more civilised and go via the Departure Lounge, as it’s our local these days :grin:. Would be good to see you, but getting to The Ace for nine is too much of a ballache these days.

1 Having a muppet moment and posted in the wrong thread. Ffs…

2 Hey admin, the site’s gone twitchy and won’t save edits :dizzy_face:

Sarddoc, maybe this is not the one for a first time out as it is normally a ‘make progress’ session. 

There will be more in the spring where they use a cornerman system (

make progress?
 I have read about the cornerman, but not about make progress

they mean “go quick”. ie: it’s not a pootle in the park

@ Sarddoc they’re talking highly trained hardcore pursuit riders here, in pursuit of the ultimate ride. As a taster you may be better off looking here

^^^^^^^ highly trained hahahahhaha

Me tinking about dis.  Sound fun.  Me try and get Acemon to come, but im riding is a bit soft.

You may need to explain “but im riding is a bit soft” ?

Bit short notice on my part but I’d like to come along, see you inabit

Da Acemon is not quick on da bends. I not being harsh ya nar, im know it an say many time.

Well that was fun, even had sunshine.

Nice to see a new face, and lots of old ones 

Thanks Rusty. That was on the button. A lovely last ride in 2k15 for me and the bike. Good to see everyone too.

Thanks Russ, good to see everyone today. Haven’t been out for a few weeks so was chomping at the bit to get the cob webs off … Great pace :wink: