CNBR SUN 10th Sept 2017

Weather for tmr looks ok, albeit a bit chilly.

Shell dome roundabout leaving at 08:00 prompt, progressive ride roads permitting heading for Chipping Norton for grub around 9:45ish.

Too early and too cold for me Eddie. Have fun.

I got about half way there and found the rain. So I wussed out and headed back south. Did you get a decent, incident free ride there today?

Great ride, not too much traffic. I got rain only 3miles before getting to Chipping and some wet roads after breakfast for a 10miles or so. It was nice seeing you Ang and Mark. 

Nice bumping into you too Eddie, we hadn’t checked LB so was none the wiser there was a ride up.

5 mins after you left Frank,John and a mate turned up too, nice to see you all.