clutch replacement

well i finally got around to changing my clutch as it was starting to play up.never having done one b 4 i thought it would b difficult but i couldent be more wrong i even got ali to do all the work himself with me supervising.u just have to remember to soak the new plates for a few hours b 4 fitting.easiest job ive done on the bike for ages

Yep well easy isnt it? Did you change the springs? Hope the zxr400 is ok too.

I replaced clutch on my old Hornet. It was starting so slip really badly. Happens when the old cork goes hard after sitting round for ages. Put some EBC plates in and they was fantastic, great for burnouts. Only problem, I put stiffer springs in too and it would really ‘clunck’ badly when you put it in gear from cold unless you gave it a bit of time to warm up. I think they were too stiff. Quite easy. Couple of little things you have to look out for it you are not experienced…

I’ve got my brothers Hornet at the moment and that is the same vintage as my old bike, 98. I can feel that starting to slip also. But that bike is a shed. I don’t even want to start pulling it apart.

cud of done it in my sleep lol

Nice one Steve & Ali done mine yesterday, took me ages, but got there in the end

ooh well done steve! you can do mine if it eva goes, hehe