Clutch lever for small hands

I don’t have tiny hands, but they are small (glove size is a small or extra small, depending on the brand). I’ve started wearing liners under my gloves to combat frozen fingers (they burn so much when I get back into the warmth) and since then have found that I can only just reach the clutch lever. It’s not so far away that I’m not able to control the bike, I’d just rather not have to reach so much for it.

So, bearing in mind that this is my first bike and that I know very little about modifying bikes, or bits of bikes, what options are available to me?

The bike is a Street Triple. Brand spanking new so I will need to check that any modifications to the lever do not invalidate my warranty.

I suffer the same problem with levers hanna, some bikes are better than others.

You can buy ‘dog leg’ clutch levers, they basically have a bigger bend in them, i put one on a 955 daytona, have a web search, see if anyone does them for your bike…?

Or you can buy super posh after market levers which have alot more adjustment on them…

Thanks PW. I just did the obvious thing and looked on the Triumph website. They have adjustable ones. Should have looked there first really!:doze:

We stock ASV levers which come in short lenght, Which are perfect for short hands. For more information please look at our website

Have you tried adjusting the span dial on the lever? Turn it and one of the way’s will bring it closer to the bar. I have mine right near the bar as well, but because I like a very thin bite-point for the clutch more than anything else.

There is no span dial!

I’m ordering an adjustable lever this weekend to do just that though. I keep meaning to but after dropping the bike ahem and snapping the end off the other day I think it’s really time I did.

(Was doing about 3mph! Bike is fine. Glad I have crash bungs.)

yeah jay was gonna say not every bike has span dial.
1 other way you co do it is buy another lefer for your bike and get some1 who knows wot their doing to heat it a little and maybe reshape it, give it more of a curve.
now as far as any warranty is concerned it is a standard triumph lever but got bent when you dropped the bike.:wink:

do speed triple and street triple share the smae clutch levers?:

try that lot above, jack lilley know there stuff about triumphs and i doubt it would affect warranty.

Thanks. Triumph do an adjustable level for the Street Triple - £25 from Metropolis, no affect on warranty.