Clutch / Front Brake Lever Replacement

I’ve ordered a new CRG clutch lever as well as a new CRG front brake lever…can I draw upon the accumulated LB experience to get a walkthrough on doing this bit of work myself?

Any special tools required? Any special techniques required that I should be aware of before making the attempt?

(And no, I’m not the world’s most mechanically inclined person. )

It’s a simple job you’ll need a couple of spanners a screw driver, some WD40/grease and a lil time

Take off your standard levers, making mental notes of what you had to do to remove it, now work backward adding the CRG levers remembering to lube the cables if needed.
Do one lever at a time keeping things simple and start with the clutch so if you do mess it up you can clutchless shift and ride your bike to the nearest garage lol

That’s about it


Yeah, it’s pretty easy. Whilst having some copper/white grease is always a good thing, if you can’t get some, don’t worry, as you’ll be re-using the existing pins which have grease (or should) already on them. You’ll be able to work it out very easily.

So what ones did you go for?


and this:–16-CRG-46.html

I also ordered a set of Renthal grips and a BMC airfilter…it shipped yesterday so I should have it all in a week or so.

Mick Wilson, specialist subject - the bleedin obvious…

Before you start to remove your clutch lever, wind the adjuster right in to give you the maximum amount of slack in the cable.

Sorry if you knew that already!