Okay so the clutch on my '99 Fazer has almost come to the end of it’s life…
Got a rough idea of how to change it, got my Haynes manual and pretty handy with the spanners etc…

I plan to replace the friction plates and the clutch springs, do I need to replace the metal plates between the friction plates as well? Do I need to consider anything else as well?

Oh and I’ll be changing the clutch cover gasket and and oil/filter while I’m at it…

Many thanks in advance I really appreciate all the help I get from the clever folk on this forum!!!:):slight_smile:

yep i would replace the steals as well I tend to like barnet plates, steels and springs, also soak the friction plates in fresh oil for a couple of hours before fitting them.

ive just done mine, i just went for the clutch plates, you only need to replace the others if its warped.

here is a guide of how to do it, ok its not your bike, but the way round needing special tools would be the same.

Yup, done mine too!
Barnett’s are good , but becareful when changing the springs, barnett are slightly heavier.

As the guys say soak the friction plates in oil for a good few hours, check the metal plates for warping:)

Just make sure you stick the plates back in the same order, the 1st metal plate in the clutch basket is normally thicker;)

Cheers all… :slight_smile:

Barnett don’t seem to do friction plates for my bike which is annoying as they sound good…
Will most likely go for EBC cork plates instead…

If it’s only slipping a little when the engine is at peak power,
i.e. only noticable if you’re in a higher gear and accelerating
into the power band and then it slips, (my elsie 350 had this
problem), you might get away with just changing the springs
for heavy duty ones, (worked for me), if you can get them.

If you are going to do the plates then probably best to do both
drive & friction plates and follow manual instructions regarding
order of plates in the basket.