Cluck Cable - Woooops!

Can someone please tell me why I decided to buy such a rare and difficult bike?

Today my bloody cluch cable decided it didn’t want to be connected anymore…so it broke!

So, I Kinglake - my local and he giggled down the phone to me and told me to ring Three Cross who are the Cagiva Importers for the UK. Called them, and they are out of stock…not in stock…10 days???

Back to the drawing board for me! Called a mate who I used to work with and he told me to go over and get some cables, came back, all too long!! Then I remembered that I had a scrap Cagiva SuperCity 50 in my garden, so gave it a try…! SUCCESS!!

Thank god for that, didn’t want to miss out on the Ride to Work Interview I am doing at the Ace tomorrow!! But that was close!!

Thanks to Nicky for ya help & thanks to Ladybiker for loaning me your bike!!!

Thats ok babe anytime xx

I’ll help out anytime. xx

No worries, Will help anyone out if I can… Didn’t do much… Any time you want help just ask.

Just don’t ask for money… LOL

…you mean I should use the clutch when shifting

For future reference you can buy universal cables and solderless nipples so you can make up a cable of the right length.

Nipples cost about a quid and clamp on the cable.

Fanks Chunky!!

Do you recommend any places to get one of these kits?

I always used to keep one in my toolkit just in case.

I wouldnt trust it as a replacement but it’s fine til you can get a proper one sorted.