Clothing for the summer and protected

Post your clothing options for the summer, Ive got a motorcross top i can wear with a hooddy, but down below :S…

I cant stand the leathers nor the goretex…


Leathers with base layer, maybe textile jacket with all vents open and a string vest if it’s proper hot!

Don’t forget that an MX armour vest will keep its protective pads in place for exactly zero seconds when the netting meets the asphalt.

So Martin what do you suggest?

Leathers, like everyone else - vented if needed/possible. Maybe a mesh jacket (although I don’t trust them either)

go faster… :smiley:

Never wore leather but i sweat like a pig in my textile jacket with all vents open :confused: My spada predator gloves are too hot on a sunny day too. Trying to find some more breathable gloves…

Yep, Ive got my leathers, and have some vents at the shoulders, that it is really. This last Saturday, I dont know whether you were out, but it was roasting, and definitely had a bad time with them… :S

Particular on my pants, so…

MY best option so far is my motorcross vest and some jeans with protections on them…

I wear a mesh jacket… not really the best in terms of safety but if you’re cool, you’re comfortable…

I bought some Sartso kevlar jeans a few weeks back. Had to add knee protection though, but so far I’m really happy. Much better than my textile stuff. Wouldn’t use it on motorways though. It’s a good option if you can’t afford leathers and if you do mostly urban riding like I do.

I have a summer textile jacket with lot’s of vents, which work pretty well. I just wear a vest or t-shirt underneath. It does have elbow and shoulder protection plus a back protector. It still gets hot when you are stuck at the traffic lights in full sun, but I rather be roasting then ending up with road rash :slight_smile:

SO mesh jackt on the top and onthe bottom?

wear leather trousers and man up:)

My leathers have big breathable fabric bits on the thigh, when riding along if I put my knee out I get a blast of cold air in which really cools me down.

I also have sidi vertigo air boots which are fully vented and are really cool although crap in the rain obviously!

For those super hot days i have a Dainese Mesh Jacket with armour (Teabag style) my Sartso Jeans and pair of Dainese ankle pit boots and a pair of wrist length Dainese summer mesh gloves. All offering protection but obviously not as much as a set of leathers but i am comfortable wearing them and don’t feel like a boil in a bag dinner :stuck_out_tongue:

My gurls knickers and a “Honk if you’re horny” crop top.

Do you wear the knickers on your head Pete;)

Leather jacket with vents and draggin’ jeans in town.

Leather trousers with fabric inside thigh panel thingies on motorways.

Got to source some better boots as my feet boil.

Hot weather, don’t wear anything underneath, though it has occurred to me that might be a problem if I came off…

You’ve seen me out then?!

Just the other day :cool:

as nature intended. sometimes I even stand up on the pegs going over speedbumps to give some more value for money…:cool: