Closure of South London Train Lines: Victoria - Battersea Park - Wandsworth Rd - Clapham High Street - Denmark Hill - Peckham Rye - Queens Rd Peckham - Bermondsey - London Bridge

A neighbour alerted me to this proposal, by the London Council to terminate the rail services affecting the above lines.

This proposal has been tabled since 2009, however has remained below the public radar.

If you live on any of these connecting towns, the South London train line is facing termination, in order to fund the newly proposed East London Line.

Please could I ask for serious consideration as to whether you could think beyond yourselves - perhaps your elderly neighbours or ones with young children and families who don’t get around on motorcycles. They need the train lines, which serves 3 major hospital centres. If you support this petition, you will keep the terrible schoolmom runs in the morning out of their cagers, as well as the near blind and deaf pensioners from T-boning you on your daily commute.

Here is the Petition:

Please pass on to any other residents/neighbours or websites which might support this. I find it very dishonest of the London Council to slip this one in, so much so that once 2012 elapses, there will be no way to dispute the withdrawal of the train services. People have barely signed the petition since it first came out in 2009 - even rail commuters who use it regularly.