Closing numbers for Xmas bash?

Well…what is the final count guys and who’s going to be there…?

looking forward to meeting a load of motorcycle nuts attached to pc’s!!!

  1. me

2 me…

well, the missus is under alot of stress and is not a happy bunny so maybe just me, but I’ll have two badges for double food lol

GoF, find a replacement, quickly!

I believe the final number is somewhere around half a ton, though Cezar is handling all of the bookings at the moment! If anyone wants last-minute tickets, PLEASE contact us now!

Wanted, one female date, sex only if you get me really drunk, I am incredibly handsome in a ruff, unpretty way. I am so funny I laugh at my own jokes and you can end the night telling everyone you did it with a lumberjack (few years ago, t’is a detail).


Where’s that link to the ‘design-a-girl site’ I was sent…

Oh, I’ll be there to see GoF’s dodgy date.

im comin…

He’s a lumberjack and he’s OK…

I never thought I’d say this, but I’ll be eating for two also!

right…buy her flowers…

Paivi…get someone to buy you some and bring them!!!

and not the flowers!

Im going, will be on my own as the wife is not into bikes and bikers (including me at the moment)


come on’ sort it H!

Thanks for clarifying that one! I thought that was the veggie option… Bring your own meal kind of thing.

Im on it


Will see you there. Did you persuade Dazza to come down?

I’m there with the wife

I have no option but to be there OOOOOOO I get to goto the LB party for free and get paid and free drink and food and they even ask me if I want a drink and bring it to me no queing for me heehee

being a DJ has its perks

LOL. Sorry to hear that fella.

We’ll be there - geezers bring out your sisters - I’m taking a night off to be there!