Closest Call Ever....

commuting to work this morning on my bike…6 lane superhighway…3 lanes in each direction…I merge onto the highway and immediately attempt to get into the far left hand land…traffic prevents this and I am forced to remain in the middle lane…some ct in the right lane attempts to change lanes right on top of me…at 70 mph…I see him coming but have nowhere to go…traffic in front of me prevents me from accelerating out of the way…traffic in the left lane prevents me from changing lanes…I don’t dare any aggressive braking for fear that the ct behind me will just run over me…so I scoot over as far as I can to the left…I could have removed my feet from the pegs and kicked the cars to both my left and right…the guy FINALLY sees me, tears both hands off the wheel in a “surprise/panic” reaction and then re-grabs the wheel to return to his original lane.

I can remember thinking only two things during this incident…one…if he DOES hit me, I HAVE to find some way to keep the bike on two wheels. If I fall off, I’m a dead man. And two, after he FINALLY pulled his head out of his arse and saw me, “WHAT THE F**K IS WRONG WITH YOU?!”

I’m leaving directly from work today to head up the Flint Hills Scenic Byway to my inlaws house in Council Grove…then Manhattan on Saturday. You can bet that I will have a close eye out for any other caging idiots. :shake

Bloody hell it sounds a though youwere well lucky.

Glad to here your ok mate.


You should have taken his mirrors of and shoved it up his arse.

lucky to have you still with us.


same thing happened to me but i wasn’t so lucky, here i pic off the bike after fookin car drivers

before and after pic’s




Bloody Hell gregman! Did you pull the driver over for a word? I would have. Glad you made it out in one piece. I had that happen once before, but it was a bit safer, though I made sure he remembered to use his mirrors next time, when he got one of them replaced.

Great first pic, Lee

Lucky scape mate!

Glad your safe mate. I hate those brown pants moments also makes you angry when the car driver looks at you like it’s your fault!

Wow Gregman… Can’t believe how lucky you were… Someone was looking over you!!! Phew… Glad your safe and in one piece…

Close call man! What a…

I have to admit…when he FINALLY saw me at the last possible second and avoided hitting me, I had a good laugh inside my helmet at the “eyes bugged out, hands off the wheel in total panic” expression on his face…or maybe it was nervous laughter in that I was still alive after thinking death was immenent?

Either way, it’s a bloody load of sh$te that something like that (an attentive biker and an inattentive cager) often results in a dead biker and a cager with an inconvenient dent in their car. :rage

And I agree, Lee…that first pic is sweet!

Close call Gregman, glad nothing came of it other than the scare. Your brain worked well trying to work out how to avoid a collision and I congratulate you. I may have been tempted to bang on the twats side as he tried pulling over into my lane in order to wake him up to the fact that I was there.

Enjoy your weekend, lets hope you have no more incidents.

Glad your safe mate its scary out there sometimes glad you are ok Mate


Close call, glad you ok.


Been there, done that. Fooking scarey hey!

Highways might be statistically safer but they don’t feel like it some times.

Glad you survived mate.

Myslef and Snap had a close call on the a406 last night same old story bird (merc driver) sitting in the fast lane doin 38mph ? we under take her she speeds up thinking she is in a race further up the road it goes down in to one lane and she is trying now to force her way into my lane I just caught a her in the corner of my eye and moved over nealy taking Snap out I think she then tailgates snap from east finchley to tescos coppets wood trying to take him out

I hate car drivers who sit in the fast lane at 2am in the morning with nothing but freash air in front *******S

Lol sounds like my adverage trip to work in the morning. I find a good loud exhaust does the trick nicely to wake them up, give it a few revs and they look round straight away. Better then trying to rember where the horn is lol.

Glad your ok though