Please note I am fookin CLOSED phone back in the fookin morrnin

Hours of business 10-30am to 8-30pm Monday to Friday

Saturday’s 10-30 to 4-00pm

Or by prior appointment

Visitors by appointment only

Don’t phone after 9-30pm Monday to Friday or after 5-00pm Saturday’s you will just get abuse you have been warned

Hey, Whats up big fella?

??? What’s up mike? Are you ok?

How ya do’in sweetie so wan*$r has seen me on LB and has just phoned me for red anodized bar ends at 1/4 past 12 then got upset when I was not polite about things

Now ya up …got any Blue ones ??..

Sorry Mike! That was bad… Come on guys, everyone has the right to have a rest! Normal business times applys to everyone unless otherwise stated! Comon sence

let me just get up off the floor I am pi**in mi self not in stock.

As you said mike …who in there right f**king mind phones for that at this time of the night !!!

charge double tomorra !!..

easy tiger !

The muppet is not even a member most member’s are cheeky see me on line and pm me now that I don’t mind just don’t expect a reply right away.

Well thats only fair! PMs are good as you can deal with them in your owntime but phoning you up at this time is totally out of order.

So are they calling back tomorrow?

After the abuse I gave out I don’t think they will phone again

Well at least they’ll think twice before doing it again.

I’m still having trouble thinking why someone would want these things at this time of the night? A kebab, chinese indian or drink yes but bar ends? WTF…

Ya will be suprized at what bods ask for at stupid o’clock at night and then get all upset when ya tell them ya can’t do anything untill the morrnin

Ahhhh, Dude, that’s NOT on…

I got a big hug for ya!!!

A wannit now wannit now so k though I can wait,

Ok so Im lie’in wannit now

That sounds familiar, are you an ex-girlfriend of mine ?

PAT??? I second Andrews comment !!!

Some people just do not have a clue. If it happens again, get their number and when you are next having a late night call them at 2am and tell them the parts have arrived.

Mike is a top bloke and doesn’t deserve this shit.