close shave

Literally. Gap Road Wimbledon (road from Wimbledon centre/village down to Plough Lane/Haydons Road) this morning about 8.30 am. Big lorry reversing into the builders merchants just after the railway bridge. Clearly going into the BM. Clearly.

Except he’s not. He’s turning round. So my plan to slide up the side of the bus and drop in in front of him to carry on to Plough Lane looks like a really stupid plan. Still, there’s a gap. If I can just hold my station until he’s gone - there’s room, he knows I’m there - I can move off safely. All that needs to happen is the bus driver (who knows I’m there, I’m right next to him) and the car on the other side of the road (who knows I’m there) to give me a few seconds of space.

Do they ****. The oncoming driver goes anyway, the bus driver starts moving, and I am left with a few inches either side of me until I’m touching either, and having to keep the bike perfectly upright. Until I decide that there is a gap there as I’m in it, best plan being to nail it to keep the bike most upright whilst I rush through the itsy bitsy gap.

Thank **** I’m still here to talk about it, and to Mr bus driver, you’re a retard. Not saying I’m not stupid for allowing myself to be in that situation, but you’re a retard. And so are you Mr oncoing Honda CRV.

Yep, some bus drivers are amazing and leave space and can flow through the traffic.

Others are rage monkeys and dont feel a need to worry about anyone else.

You got to share your story which is the important part, the amount of times where I said to myself “That was pretty stupid” happens more times than I’d like to but hey yo.

I know that feeling - Like one of those films were the guy is trapped in a room and the walls start closing in on them :crazy:

Glad you survived! :smiley:

Its quite amazing exactly how many calculations your mind can make in a very short space of time when it needs to.

How’s that HID kit working for you? :smiley:

Bob, stop that.

Yeah - time seems to slow down and seconds feel like minutes.

Apparently that is why houseflies reflexes are so good and it’s difficult to swat them - apparently their perception of time is different to ours - they process time at a faster rate - a millisecond to us can seem like 10 seconds to them.

Ah, but NinjaJunkie, flies always take off with their first movement into flight taking them backwards - always good to know when you’re doing the little shits with a teatowel!

That information definitely neutralises one of their tactical advantages :smiley:

To be honest - these days - I tend to try and let them out of the window.

I’m sure it will be fine when I have some time, daylight and cover to fit it.