close call

bet you cant watch this without saying O ****.

More luck than judgement i would say, but still one lucky SOB

Been there done that, learnt the lesson. Riding like such a cock means you’ll end up with the guilt of someone’s death on your hands or you’ll end up being cried on in your casket by your family.

He’s beyond lucky, too many variables mean he’d be paste, i.e. a bit faster, arrived a bit later, etc. The crazy thing is he carried on giving it beans afterwards.

Dumb ****.

Fair play to the guy - a lot of people would have panicked/got target fixation and hit the car.

Still shouldn’t be riding like that in those conditions - life is too short and random enough as it is without going asking for it.

If he jumped he could have done a Superman and might have been ok bar the brusing. Still fortunate he didn’t target fixate on the car. I think I did and I was only watching the video.

The car driver wouldn’t have seen him or expected something to be travelling that fast I think.

Yeah - so did I - disconcerting isn’t it? :ermm::DI also sh1t myself watching video footage from the TT racers onboard cameras as well. :smiley:

as he comes round the bend he has a lil wobble, my bet is he seen the car pulling out possibly braked slightly? either way he reacted and didnt panic and fixate…kin good job!

if you own a sports bike im sure you’ve ridden a bit fats at times…lucky he missed it unlucky it pulled out on him;)

reminds me of an early morning sunday blast:w00t::smiley:

suicidal madness - let’s hope it sufficiently scared them into calming it a bit.I got the same tingly hands thing watching that that I get watching things to do with heights. Apologies for being off topic but it reminds me of this thing on Rude Tube last night with some guys in Paris doing pull ups hanging off a tower crane - no safety gear at all :w00t:. It’s making my hands itch thinking about it now! Arrgghhh! Nutter!

jesus he did well. i think he may have seen it as soon as he goes round the bend as he comes off the acceleration quite early. well done for avoiding it

What do you mean? The phuck-witt nearly caused! The other variable is that another road user swerves to avoid this t0$$er and runs into some innocent mutha!

what i mean is i know it was his own fault for riding like that but im sure many a person on here has riden like it once in a while but at least his observation was good enough to avoid killing himself


I guess it was the four-leafed clover that gave him the luck.

And a full box of Persil Ultra to clean his pants when he got home!:blink:

i dont think any thing will get your heart going faster than that

been there

Think we’ve all been there and learnt a very valuable lesson!!:pinch:
Those that did’nt are dead…

like i said some of us do ride our bikes a bit fast, i know i’ve rode in the lanes fast thinking im the only one about (apart from the other bikes with me) it could happen anywhere …remember that cos if you dont liek it DONT push the limit, aint bloody rocket science! when we are out pusihing it, we could ALL possibly cause an accident or hit another viechle but we kinda ‘dont think’ about it do we?

Havign watched thi svid a good few times he did bloody well, he was planning i think cos he see the vechile pull out that im usre of, that a quick reaction( looks liek he counter steered to me) and a bit of luck he missed it.

+1 Kato…im not gonan criticise the dude…he did very well…it would be VERY hypicritical me criticise him;)

If you are going to ride like this make sure it’s on a road you know really well - if you know that there is a blind junction up ahead you then have no excuse not to lower your speed to a safe limit that will enable you to anticipate a car pulling out on you.

Riding with the throttle pinned like this guy in fairly busy traffic on a bend with a junction slap bang in the middle of the apex is asking for a one way ticket to the mortuary.

Well said NJ.

I really dont get it? Can anyone proffer a genuine mitigation on the riders part if:
Someone swerves to avoid this rider and someone else is killed/hurt?
The rider gets killed/hurt?

IMHO the rider “planned” nothing. There are 3 road signs on that right hander before the turning where the car came from. I bet one of’em warns of the junction. I think we can all agree the rider prolly knows that road well (but that never happened before!). If he had “planned” as suggested, ignoring the obvious that he would have slowed down, why was he not covering the horn? There was no hoot to warn the driver, it would have made no difference, obviously, but if he’d have planned what he was doing, he would have been ready to hoot and without even thinking would have involuntarily hooted before he’d even thought about it!

Sure we all…well I do, ride beyond the limit of safety on occasions, but by what margin?

Nah, I fink he was just lucky…very lucky;)