close call


I bet he came straight into the pits after that…lucky bas!*rd:w00t:

WTF happened there?

Did he panic and lock the front up?

SP1 innit?:w00t:

Yep and yep I think :slight_smile:

puff of smoke comes from the front…was coming in faster than the bloke in front.

Is that the nurburgring? pretty dodgy surface on the first big right hander…

Wow, that was so lucky! That did a good job in not running the other guy over.

I was gonna ask the same thing cos it’s NOT the front that locks… that’s the back!

That’s what i thought initially but a back lock-up would never cause a bike to tuck under like that would it?

Look more closely, its the front that locks. The smoke being blown past the rear wheel.

What happened to aim for the accident and don’t change course it’ll be gone when you get there? :w00t:

He kept chasing that bike to the death :smiley:

cold tyre crash. locked the front. if the tyre was up to temp he’d have flipped it before it locked.

is darryl on a mission? how many crash vids already, mate? ahh, forgot about it, always on duty, eh? :hehe:

nice to see he stopped to see if guy alright…not :w00t:

If it is on track, you never stop to see if the person that fell off is ok, you shouldn’t even look at them, unless you want to join them in the kitty litter…! Stewards job to look after the boys in the bin…

Aint the Nurburgring.Would like to know where it is though.


possibly Olivers Mount in Scarborough- there has been a lot of racing there recently and I believe the big final is on this weekend (12 & 13th July)

site is good & worth a root around

thats a close one too … and he saved it :w00t: