Close call...

Coming around Hyde park corner towards the exit to the A4 going west, just before the exit is a non-traffic light controlled side road, coming out was a taxi followed closely by another car. I beep the horn a couple of times as he’s about to block the exit, he looks at me and stops - and just as i’m about to pass infront and to the exit, he accelerates - thankfully only a mild swerve was necessary! Need to remember to take care at that particular junction!

They really try their luck coming out of that street.

Well this morning I saw what I think must have been a R125, blue, mount the pavement here and ride down the bicycle lane on the other side of this underpass!

Yeah that’s a “approach with extreme caution” kind of junction. Little tip, if you need to use your horn, lay on it so they know you mean business. When you pass them, give them a polite wave or a thumbs up to say thanks.

Mad skills! Ha!

Cheers for the tip Timmy.