clocks forward

clocks forward tonite, its officially british summertime from tomorrow

And I’ll add that it was actually WARM in the sun this morning at Brands.

The car temp gauge never dropped below 10 all the way there and back.

Whaddya think of that eh? (not the car bit, I mean the temp :plain

Hurrah! Now has to be officially warm - a strong letter shall be written to my MP otherwise!

Looking forward to the St George’s Day rideout, couple of blasts to France and much beer in the shine…ahhh…seems like a dream!

Glad you reminded me Flatout - Im temping at the mo, so should hopefully get the hell out of the dungeon that passes for a library an hour early and still bill for a 12 hour shift…shhh!

I feel sorry for people who think it’s “warm” if the temperature never falls below 10C…

I’m with you Paivi! Warm is only after 20 degrees! lol

I cant wait. Does that mean when we wake up its going to be hot and sunny tomorrow?

Anyone up for a 6-30 blast on that hot dry tarmac and brekkie by the sea, before returning and bar be que lunch, all at legal speeds offica!

Please dont dissapoint me

no it means u will wake up tomorrow look at the clock and go yaaaaaaaaaaawn its 10:30 then u will think bollox it s 11:30

and its gonna be pissing down