clocks back

just to remind ya all clocks go back this weekend :w00t: another year nearly over

yeah, why don’t they leave it alone?
the way to solve it is for Scotland to have a “Jock Clock” :stuck_out_tongue:
or am I wrong?..

Doesn’t really matter what, if anything, you do with the clocks, you’ll always upset someone.

What I don’t understand is why people get so worked up about a one hour change in England but happily accept an hours change on going to France or even huge changes when going on holiday.

** every fookin year ;)**

Cheers for that as i forgot.

a good way to remember is…

‘spring forward, fall back’

enjoy the extra sleep on Sunday morning :slight_smile:


No time change in Lagos so no lie in for me…

Cos we are close to the equator, the days don’t really vary much in length like they do back home…defo miss the long cooling evenings down the pub - here it’s just hot and sticky all the time :crazy:

Back on topic - does make me laugh all the farmers moaning about the daylight hours - surely they can just get up and work whenever best suits them irrespective?

atleast the shortest day is coming soon…:slight_smile:

Because it’s Daylight Savings i.e. so the days are longer…

& how do you work that 1 out???:w00t:

But only if you start getting up earlier :pinch:

I like the idea of a Jock Clock - it could be similiar to your Jock Avatar !! :stuck_out_tongue:

ufffffffffffffff :hehe: (we won’t mention the Buccy!)