Climate Camp Flyby - Blackheath

Just seen this posted on pistonheads if anyone fancied joining in waking the hippies!!


Local Harley chapter would be good, the only loud bikes that dont get nicked!

lol…was out lastnight and went past there…am sure I saw that lambo hanging around too!

went back past in 2nd screaming the engine! lol

don’t they know they are causing visual pollution themselves?
silly sods!

Wow, Thats really impressive. :Whistling:

GGGrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr… Feckin crusties!!! :crazy:

I can’t stand these people! The majority of them travel the country (using their gyro/parents money) latching onto any protest they can find. They don’t care about a cause, they just just want to hang around with their crusty mates, smoking wacky backy, eating lentil soup and singing bloody protest songs! :satisfied:

Occasionally, you may come across one of them who actually does care about the particular cause, but not often! :stuck_out_tongue:

I could just about bring myself to live with their views if they actually worked and contributed something to society, but they don’t! :w00t:

So, when you get burgled/robbed/mugged etc… this weekend, remember where a lot of the Police Officers are… Blackheath guarding crusties, and Notting Hill Carnival battling with gangs… :wink:

Rant over! I’m now going to demolish a couple of bottles of red wine, and laugh at the thought of all those crusties getting soaked to the skin at Blackheath! :w00t: I’ve never wanted it to rain so much before! :stuck_out_tongue:

a flyby and a burnout at 4m would be amusing…highly amusing!..or maybe send R1 Alex down there to do some drifting past them:D

[ :w00t: I’ve never wanted it to rain so much before! :stuck_out_tongue:

Well i’m less than a maile away from where they are all hippying (i think thats the term) and wow it rained hard tonight jus for 20 but wow it was epic.

Going by the above, your a pretty reactionary, intolerant lot aint you.

Why don’t you just kick back and enjoy what you do?

I’m sure you’d be getting hot under the collar if the freeloading crumblies (?) decide to f… up a bike event.

Oh, and there is at least one high flying professional out there who’s not a freeloading crumbly. Just doing wat he believes is right.

Now I think he’s a self deluding fool, he thinks he’s at least pricking the governments psychi.

Guess what? I don’t care much one way or the other so I just don’t join in.

I don’t know how many of them are trustafarians etc - but they are basically gentle people - so it seems a bit distasteful to go and pick on them like that.

plus the local residents seemed quite supportive judging by yesterdays news prog. on TV.


At last, a little reasoning.


From following the link it just goes to show what sad, pathetic & pointless lives some folk live…

+2. My dad lives in Blackheath he’s enjoying it too

bet the tea hut is doing a roaring trade?

yeah good ride past at 4 in the morning sounds dood, maybe the supermot lot can try some off roading?