Clever parrot

From the BBC:

Read it in the paper this morning, bril! Shame that the parrot now wont stop saying the name and the guy is getting rid of it.

I bet the parrot is a female!

Nope … he was a he! Do you get mixed up like this often Cezar? lol

The moral to this story if your thinking of messing about with someone else just make sure there’s no parrot present!LOL

That, or make sure all your lovers have the same name.


The BBC State that “Mr Taylor apparently became suspicious after Ziggy croaked “Hiya Gary” when Ms Collins answered her mobile phone.”

I am sure this a prime example of British censorship, Just think about it for a minute.

Ziggy proberly heard it quite differently and was gotten rid off by “Mr Taylor” cos he was flying round the flat croacking at the top of his voice; “Har-der Ga-rey,Har-der Ga-rey,”

Nice 1u’ve got a point keep up the good work

Still not convinced! If the parrot was a male he would help the guy as we all do to each other! As a female, the parrot would be jelous that the girl was getting a regular shag and wanted to **** everything up!