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i took my bike in to get a new clutch cable, it took 3 days and a cost of £34.44 to do. on riding of the cable lasted less than 2 minutes i went back to the shop to complain and was told it would not last forever. it only lasted for 3 gear changes thats a rip off in my opinion and i was told sorry no refund. i will never go back to this shop because i have been told by four other people of similar problems with this company.

Sounds atrocious!

Sale of Goods Act is your friend.

Explained here

It may ‘only’ be £35, but if they’ve taken cash for goods that are unfit for purpose, don’t let them get away with it! From what you ay it sounds as if they don’t have a leg to stand on.

Go back, quote your rights under the Sale of Goods Act and if they still refuse, use this Her Majesty’s Court Service Money Claim Online

It will give you satisfaction - and them a headache!

and it was your first post and visit to complain about a shop?
there really should be some control on the shame/praise section (maybe have a certain amount of posts b4 you can put in this section or summat) as i do not think its fair for people just to register to slander a shop.
might be true but as you are new no 1 knows you or whether you are trust worthy etc, you may be just stirring the sh1t.

+1, and if you were intending to register would you do it under that name ?

I see where you are coming from but if someone make these kind of comments, they must be able to back them up as the shop/person who the comment are made about, my wish to take matters the legal route.

Slander concerns the spoken word.

Libel concerns the written word and material broadcast on television or radio.

Or defamatory which is:

A statement may be considered to be defamatory if it tends to do any one of the following:

lower the claimant in the estimation of right-thinking members of society generally; disparage a claimant in his business, trade, office or profession; expose the claimant to hatred, ridicule or contempt; or cause the claimant to be shunned or avoided. Common examples of what may be considered defamatory are allegations that suggest a person is:

Insolvent or in financial difficulties
The producer of shoddy goods

Who can be sued? Any person, company or other legal body involved in publishing the defamatory material. This includes the author, any editor and any publishing company. Sometimes, distributors of defamatory material can also be sued.

More info at:

Also the shop/person is able to post their side of the story and I’m sure the mod’s will remove anything that they feel is unfair or unjust.

So think before you say something you may regret.

Was that the sound of a hair being split ?! :slight_smile:

Couldn’t have put it better :wink:

wot the fvck do i care?the bloke has come on 1ce and only posted 1ce so far only to say this.all i was trying to say is if some1 who regularly visits this site had said same i may have take it a bit more seriously, i care not wot words i use as i am not the 1 making statements about a shop.

Ty, :smiley:

You’ve got it wrong, nothing I said was aimed at you apart from “I see where you are coming from” but to anyone who may make an untrue statement about a person or company in the praise/shame. I put it there as a helpful guide for everyone as ignorance is no defence.

I’m sorry if you felt it was aimed at you.P.S. You spelt fvck wrong :wink:

did i, how do you spell it then?

dude you should have spoken to me 1st, this is where I went to get an mot and they wanted to charge me £80, I know it’s london but £80…

they are proper ar£**oles in there as well, £35 for 1 wing mirror! would not go there if someone else was paying for the work.


sorry if you think im just doing this to get one over on them. i just dont want anyone else to get stung by this place.

F*CK :slight_smile:

thanks for the advice i will look into where i stand.i have emailed the shop to let them know what i have said and where to reply if they want to put their side across, personaly i think i have been more than fair with them shame they wasnt with me. thanks again for the advice

MOT fees are set out here -

It is illegal to charge more then £28.65 for a motorcycle MOT.

Pleasure mate, I would hate to see you stung a second time.

P.S. Thanks for the heads up with your experience of them, it my just stop someone else having the same experience.

thats what pee’d me off, I don’t mind paying extra for the mot in london as I would expect to, but when the guy said £80 I was dumb struck… I think I just turned and walked out without saying a word.