Clerkenwell/Holborn Posse

14th of July, normal place, Sir Christopher Hatton on Leather Lane13.00 onwards.

See you there.

oh that i might be interested in:D mind you I can only do 1.30ish onwards:w00t: any day …

maybe but im swamped at the mo so will have to see closer to the time

Tuesday is better for me; tend to work from home on Wednesday.

Either seems okay to me :smiley:

Are we all still up for this tomorrow then?

See you all later today

Got a real tight deadline on my desk this morning, may be able to run out the office to say hi… for a minute.

Sorry guys

Good to meet everyone again.

good to see you Dawn, been a while:D

Nice to meet you Jamie:D

Still churning the work out at my desk.

Was pretty tough watching you guys enjoys a drink! :crying:

I’ll treat you on Thursday Alex!

Nice seeing y’all now