Clearing out some bits RC Jumbo Jet / iPod Mixer

Hi all,
Clearing up and found these 2 items:-
Nikko Radio Controlled 1:90 scale model of Boeing 747-300 (Brand new never flown)
Some details:

4 x motors (air duct props)
Bands 2 frequency
2 x8.4V ni-mh rechargeable battery packs
Charger with built in 12v in Car charger or can charge via 6x D cells (Included)
6xAA included for transmitter.

50quid Pick up only coz it big (Watford)

Second item

Sergio iPod mixer (Brand new also) - 30 quid delivered

Specs here

Still has that protective plastic cover on it


interested in the plane. how big is big? too big to strap to a pillion seat I guess?

If groovy doesn’t take the plane I might be interested :-). I’ll repeat his question on size though!



Wingspan is approx 30 inches and fuse large is a little shorter.

Box i s massive though, it is too big to strap on a pillion seat :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

Bump still up for grabs

Bump Any offers?

I’ve decided against it, sorry. got no-where to keep it

still up for grabs?


Yup, both items still up for grabs:D

hmmmm…whats the lowest you’ll go for the 747 bud?


knock u a tenner off ? :smiley:

Will have to come pick up as quite big :slight_smile:

Seriously mate. You don’t work airside anymore mate. You’ve just got to let it go mate.
I feel for you mate - I really do.

Enjoy it if you get it (can I have a go if you get it?)

Weekend Bump…:satisfied:

New Years Bump… Any offers??

£20 for the jumbo? :smiley:


It’s a beautiful plane bu there is a problem with this plane, so do we fly the plane with the landing gear on or with them off. because on page 11 of the manual it says ` after landing the main wing and the fuselage may come apart to prevent damage to the aeroplane.