Clear your diaries cause Marcus

Miller is back in London!:w00t: Bibi Green kindly tipped me the nod that he’d be here in Nov’09 and I cant believe it nearly time to pay homage to a Master Of Music!:cool:

Marcus Miller: Tutu Revisited - The Music of Miles Davis. Featuring Christian Scott + Gary Husband
Grammy Award-winning jazz musician, composer and producer Marcus Miller has been called the ‘Superman of Soul.’
22 November 2009 / 19:30
Barbican Hall

The wierd thing is that I’m not a Miles Davies fan at all. But Marcus Miller, who wrote so much for Miles, I can hardly get enough!:cool:

i hadn’t heard of this guy…not a jazz fan, but i’ve just watched ‘SCOOP’ on youtube


gobsmacked :cool:

Its weird, so many big stars have him please, write or direct their stuff. But as you say. No one ever heard of him. He can do things with that MM Jazz Fender Bass that will turn you inside out:cool: Not mainstream music tho!:smiley:

TBH there’s, as I’m sure you know, so many truly talented musicians out there doing stuff on other artists albums that we never know exist:hehe:

Ain’t that the truth!!

Rest assured my Muso and dj mates are all going to hear about this fella :wink: I’m always amazed and awestruck by true virtuosity…even in musical genres I’m not so familiar/keen on.

thanks for the heads up


nibz (14/09/2009)

nibz, dont forget its a 2 way street!:wink:

Are you familiar with David Sanborn? :cool::cool::cool:

Play all three clips at the same time to spice it up. :smiley:

TJ, I wouldn’t be at all surprised if MM could play them all together!:stuck_out_tongue:


Thats why i have a problem with jazz…lol… sometimes your not sure if there’s another track running :w00t:

SneakyMcC (14/09/2009)

If i remember right he’s a sax player in the style of Grover Waswhington jnr…pls correct me if i’m wrong…(i haven’t wiki’d or googled)

I’m more into proggy dance / breaks… Rogue Element…Introspective…Vibrasphere… Elite Force.

And for really beautiful global chill check out The Bombay Dub Orchestra (amazing production and real musicians):cool:

Ooo, we nearly there!:w00t:

You ever heard of the Yellow Jackets … Check 'em out if you like the kind of music you’re listening to here.

Thanks I’ll do that. the only YJ I have is on the Casino Lights album from about 1500yrs ago!