Clear sky + full moon

sitting here on box hill right now, the view nights with a full moon is amazing! wish I had a good camera now :frowning:

anyone else out enjoying this night?

If you go to Box Hill again and don’t stop by for a hug we will no longer be friends Herman!

I walked to Tesco and the moon looked beautiful, hence my text :smiley:

what are you the sodding werewolf? stop going on about the moon!?

(little artistic license there)

ye know where the term werewolf comes from? :smiley:

sometimes one have to cherish the beauty that surrounds us, and the magnificent view up on Box Hill nights with this sky and moon just fits into the bill :slight_smile:

Yeah man the sunset on Box looks great as well. Nice place to take a lady :hehe:

Apparently someone else had the same idea last night there, lol

there is something nostalgic about a clear night and a bright moon !!!

quiet, or I’ll pop ye tonight from above

but yes, have to agree with this
“there is something nostalgic about a clear night and a bright moon !!!”

absolutely :slight_smile:

I thought that it was a Crusing area up there at night??

Hrm, Box Hill appears to be on my way home from Winchester. Anyone planning on being there late on Friday afternoon?

Hang on, looks like that Heinkel has just bombed Blackheath tea-hut.

If Smidt is anything like his ancestors, I don’t think he would have hit his target. We do have to thank them and zeir poorly guided war Zeppelins for the beautiful hilly and twisty countryside that we had the good fortune to pave over and enjoy. ta :hehe::laugh: