clear saturday (maybe) clear sunday - So sunday i will be heading towards snetterton!!

Tomorrow (sat) maybe clear, if so then im up for a ride for a couple of hours in the afternoon. Prob north london style, towards dunstable or tring.

Sunday unless the weather gets very bad then myself and louis and “schubert (TBC)” are gunna head east to my old home ground (norfolk/norwich). See my grandad for a cuppa (hes an interesting old guy not a boring one) in mildenhall then head to snetteron area for the market before killing some roads i grew up on and maybe meeting a couple of other bikers i grew up with and then heading the back way home.

Leaveing 9/10 am can meet at ace if needed. Pub lunch, markets and some great roads - good day out!!

Brisk pace so no 125’s on sunday but saturday will be 125 friendly as the missis wants to go out on her cbr 125, again provided its not ***** down.

PM me if interested for sunday, i will let you know about sat tomorrow morning. If people are interested in sunday we will meet at the ace at 9am, but let us know as if there is no interest then we will leave from my house which is 5 mins from the ace!

Ride safe this weekend!:slight_smile:

Possible for both, will keep an eye on the thread. Just going to work, not back til after 12 today though.

I have just been out to take the bike for its MOT, the roads are like ice, very very slippy so take care:)

I’m in if info gets posted in time;)

cool im not going anywhere until 12.30/1pm today and then its just a gentel ride as the missis is on her 125. We can run past the ace at 1pm if you guys wanna meet us.

Sunday we will be leaving fairly early on a brisker pace.

Think we will be leaving at 8am but i will confirm tonight if thats cool.

Just fitting some new bits to the bike, but if i finish in the next half hour I’ll make it to the Ace for 1.



OK see you at the Ace for 1ish, dont leave without me:w00t::wink:

Oh sh*t, just got a phone call, cant make it, you guys have fun:angry:

I’m interested in the ride tomorrow…depending on the start time

Hey guys, great start to the weekend today, cat really apprecites everyone coming out!!

Tomorrow we are meeting at the ace at 9am for a 9.30 leave time. So if your intested let us know. I will post a vague route when I get home!!

See you tomorrow at the ace, I will be there from 8.30 for some breakfast!

There’s a strong possibility I’ll venture out for a ride tomorrow. Should see you there. :slight_smile:

Fun ride today, see you in the morning.:slight_smile:

Enjoyed the rideout today - thanks for organising it. Highlight of the day? The 14 stone St Bernard without a doubt. :w00t: If only he’d been riding in his sidecar - what a photo-opp that would have been…:smiley:

hey guys, see you tomorrow, Alex/Schubert i was about to turn around but then i saw the huge green sign that said victoria and its on a straight road from there so i guess that you should be able to find the bridge.

Bloody traffic on edgeware road!!!

See you tomorrow!

Good sensible one today, ready for the not so sensible tomorrow!

:w00t::w00t: Are you trying to frighten us off!!! :w00t::w00t:

Well it’ll still be sensible when measured on your yardstick! :smiley:

will be up for this:)

Fun ride Rixxy, look forward to tmw’s one :stuck_out_tongue:

Few photos from today