Cleaning the chain

Will this stuff be suitable for cleaning my chain?

I’ve heard paraffin does an excellent job, and it’s a heck of a lot cheaper than the Wurth stuff.

But obviously I don’t want to damage any O-rings or owt…

I use paraffin to clean my chain, it was recommended somewhere (can’t remember where tho)

Cool - off to B&Q tomorrow, then!

diesel does well too

One more vote for Esso Blue;)

Did mine with paraffin yesterday, and it does work an absolute treat. Just make sure you wash the tyre afterwards.

I use Parafin on mine. After dousing it in parrafin I wash it off witrh warm soapy water and run the bike to flick off the excess water before re-lubing.

I’d be wary soaping it ever… just cos chains are so damm sensitive to sticking as it is… I’d rather have dirty oily grime lubing than a soaped, lube free chain running at any point…
but htat’s just me… 4 beers in… maybe mine needs a damm good soaping…? who knows.

I’ve got the same B&Q stuff.

I’m sure in my Haynes or owners manual it says Paraffin’s ok but ensure you’re all done within 10mins to protect the rings. Ideally you should get a can of compressed air to blast it out when done.

I’m going to get some this weekend, along with one of those portable pumpy-uppy pressure washers.

I shall have to get Mrs 5150 to go through the checkout with one of them, though. It might look a bit suspicious if I buy both of those together!

get a couple of paint brushes and a bowl too

Well, it works like a charm. The rollers are lovely and clean, and it doesn’t take ages to do, either.

I have another quick question, though: there’s a little surface rust on the sides of the chain that I really want to get rid of. A toothbrush won’t shift it.

Would a soft wire brush do it? The brass one I found here, perhaps?

It’d make cleaning the inside of the chain a lot easier, that’s for sure. But I want to be sure that It won’t damage any O-rings.


doesnt sound like a good idea to me… :ermm:

That’s what I was thinking - but I thought I’d check, just in case it works brilliantly!

well perhaps someone more knowledgeable can confirm our doubts :stuck_out_tongue:

I use muc off chain cleaner and a scrubbing brush then an old rag to wipe the excess off, normally takes care of any surface rust if there is any.

A tip is to lube the chain when it is warm so a quick trip round the block after cleaning helps.

the wire brush will be ok what i would be careful off is the parafin as your chain has o,rings on eather side off all the pins the parafin may perish them after a while. i would use proper chain cleaner on a rag then give it a good spray off.

just seen this post and as my chain is caked.

excuse me if this sounds stupid, but do you remove the chain then clean it, or do you just clean it whilst it’s on the bike?

You can do the job well enough with the chain in place. not worth the effort of splitting and re-rivetting it back together;)Parafin is perfectly safe to use on O Seal chains as the seals are made from Viton and as such are resistant to attack from most hydrocarbons.There’s been an agrument raging for many years as to whether WD-40 is safe too. I did quite a bit of digging on that one and never did get a diffinitive answer from any of the chain manufacturers. i prefer parafin myself though:cool:

if you have rust on your chain you can buy a copper wire brush …very soft but does the job;)