cleaning motorcycle gloves

Hey big noob question i was wondering how to clean leather motorcycle gloves?

hope there isnt a post about this already i couldnt find it

Just use a bit of the same leather cleaner you use for your leathers/boots

one of mine went in the washing by mistake thought it was ruined. it came out nice and clean so i washed the other one and that was 6 months ago no splits tears etc but i have been ising nikwax leather cleaner since

I use Renapur, . Normally someone flogging the stuff at the shows.

what about the inside?

I can honestly say in 10 years I have never cleaned the inside of a pair of gloves. But then I never put them on dirty hands and I carry alcahol wash under the seat…

They get washed in the rain :smiley:

my gloves are fine on the outside, but theyre getting abit smelly on the inside…

Decided to wash my gloves yesterday after getting them totally soaked. Added some washing liquid and rubbed ruthlessly. The water was dark purply colour, propably both colour and dirt coming off. Dried them on radiator and voila! nice dry and clean gloves this morning. Leathers as good as new :hehe:

Mine are white so I ended up using Cif (Jif?) on them? works really well… Doesn’t damage them and they smell lemon fresh too!

i managed to pull the inner cotton lining inside out and doused the lining in handwash detergent.
theres usually a waterproof lining between the cotton and the leather, which should be left inside - will be hard to put this back in place otherwise! your gloves might be different though

Helmet Sanitiser for helmet,gloves and boots :wink: