Cleaned me bike yesterday...

and thought ide take a few snapps with her new hijacked camrea…;).

ive got this 1st one as my desktop wallpaper…love it!!:smiley:

spent 3 hours on the chain alone…and did some great detail work on it…

ohh yea…and its cleaning wheels day today…;).


Wow thats cool man, 3 hours just on the chain!! thats good cleaning…

nice :slight_smile:

despite spending three hours cleaning something 10mil wide by 4 foot long, he still didn’t have the decency to post up a pic of it… :slight_smile:

nice one mate:) fugging size of them chicken strips:P

ha all looks mint and you spend 3 hours on the chain. sterling effort!

Must say its all been let down at the end by the elastic band on the brake res. lol!! :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

Getting ready to sell it ? Let me know if you are . . . want to swap for a RF900 and some cash ? :wink:

That’s nice.

chicken strips

:smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

hahaa…naaa mate…i was gonna chop her in for a thou…but there’s no need as ive almost got her the way i want her…;)…things to do are…

new soft grips going on…

rear decals coming off…

new rubber on the rear wheel…

replace the rear brake res with a nice HRC tube…

all i can think of at the mo;).


You got a plate yet?

errr new infill lazy boy!!! ?


ahh yea…pop round tonight for that mate;)

cheers adz


nice, but ya missed a bit :w00t:

Very nice mate, shame you don`t scrub up as nice as the bike.:stuck_out_tongue:

Three hours on a chain FFS Did you use a cotton bud? :smiley: