Clean up your filth!

For anyone working or living near Parliament Square, the crap left on the roads by the filth horses really pisses me off, and I’m sure it annoys you too. Why can’t they be encouraged to follow the etiquette of dog owners? It wouldn’t take long for one of those officers to park up, dismount, scoop up the sh*t and stick it in a bin. The day I see it happening would be a joyous day.

I know it used to be a big problem when motorcycles outnumbered cars and horse-drawn was still a popular way to get about, and bike tires were solid. Talk about skidmarks…

What’s got four legs and a c*nt on its back?

I must be getting old, I couldnt understand this at first when you said ‘filth horses’, but we dont call the police the filth anymore surely…?

Horse poo doesnt contain as many harmful diseases as doggy poo does and it doesnt have to be picked up if its left in the road and not on the pavement,…like dog poo doesnt…

I appreciate what you’re saying about it being less toxic than dog shite, but I’m sure you’d prefer not to drop your bike and end up going down the road because of it. Chances are you would even get it all up your jacket as well!

I always ended up getting stuck behing the Kings Troop Royal Horse Atry when they went for their early morning work out , thats a lot of horse poop !

Theres always loads around regents park way !

Horses should be banned anyway, useless creatures.
They’re just cows without tits…:smiley:

I think if the horses could argue they would point out that they have been riding down that road for a few more hundred years than you. Next time you spot poo, stop, fill a bag and take it home for the flowers.:smiley:

ahhh, penny now dropped, ‘filth’ horses, i assumed there was a y missing. :blush:

haha :smiley:

I think horses are great actually… for riding about in fields. But not if you’re chasing a fox. If it wasn’t for the horse, we wouldn’t have an iron horse. Or a Trojan one (I digress).

Furthermore, I wouldn’t sh*t on my own doorstep.

In Bruges the horses wear a kind of flap on the harness which catches it & the carriage driver empties it into a bucket when they stop. The horses don’t seem to be adversely affected.

Will try to find a pic later.

I agree that horses are a pain on the roads. I live out in the sticks and it’s pretty annoying when your front wheel keeps wanting to wash out on you as you circum-navigate squashed down horse poo everyday which always seems to be left on bends in the road. Also why do horsey people always have to ride side by side so that they hold up traffic?? I dont see many road tax discs fixed to horses bottoms either come to think of it !!!

Couldn’t agree more. Pointeless in this age. I don’t get the whole “horses are special” thing.
The only good thing about them is that they taste bloody good.

Rolls sleeves up, now lads lets have a good clean fight!

I would be out of a job if it were not for horses!
Horses have been around a lot longer than cars and bikes and thanks to them we have…erm roads?

Yes they poo on the road, but just think of all the people who take a pee on the street, spew on them, then add in the dogs… If you can’t miss a big steaming pile of poo by the side of the road, then i suggest looking a little further infront - that also goes for riding out in the country, at the end of the day whos going to come off worse, you or a ton of horse??

Going back to work now! at least horses don’t answer back! :cool::cool:

yes make them all wear poop bags…would be a lot safer and then they could drop it at special points on the road near to houses so we could use it for our roses…(dont much like roses) but anyway…

Horses are great big animals that deserve to be loved…well she must have loved him to have put that in her mouth…but I digress…

Horses = great animals that deserve respect

That colostomy bag thing = very sensible, and recycling is always good

Horse riders = often not very nice people

Police horse riders = not my favourite people

Nice to see a lively discussion about something other than the usual sh*t.

Ah stereotypes, don’t ya just love em !
Now, what will I say to the next person that claims all bikers are dangerous ??

What is so great about an animal that weighs around a ton with a brain the same size as a decent dog*?

Wet horse **** has less grip than a diesel slick. Surely in the 21st century, leaving that cack on the road that slippery has to be some sort of offence.

(*There is/was a blue on blue jibe about “one horse and his man”. But that’s stereotyping again, so we’ll not mention that.)

Why don`t you go round with a sack and bag up the horsey poo and spread it over your garden.:smiley:

try mountain biking on bridleways etc, the stuff sprays up into your face!

their arguement is that horses don’t eat meat so because the poop is all plant matter then it’s not harmful.