Classifieds Forum Rules - MUST READ BEFORE POSTING

Classifieds Forum Rules ** MUST READ BEFORE POSTING

Welcome! Feel free to advertise your personal items that you have for sale, within these classifieds forums. To be able to post in these forums though, we do require you to agree to the following terms, to ensure a useful and legitimate service is provided to the community. Failure to comply with these rules will be treated with according to the forum rules. Additionally, any illegal activity will be reported to the Police.

Classifieds Rules

  • You must have at least 30 posts as a member to post an ad.
  • You must be in legal posession of the item(s). (No posting on behalf of other people)
  • No illegal items to be advertised, i.e. non-ornamental weapons, stolen items, etc.
  • No business’ may advertise their products or services here.
  • No excessive bumping of your own thread. No more than once every 12 hours.

Classifieds Recommendations

  • DO provide a price for your item(s).
  • DO provide a useful description of your item(s).
  • DO insert a photo of the item(s) into the post.
  • DO ask for contact via the forums PM/Email features.
  • DO use an escrow service to handle payments.
  • DON’T supply phone numbers or addresses publically.


Whether you are buying or selling an item through the classifieds forums, takes no responsibility for any transactions that take place. Either the buyer or seller interacts with the other party directly and is merely offering a free service whereby members can communicate with one-another to complete an individual-to-individual transaction.

Any issues that arise through using this service, such as non-supply of advertised item(s) or non-payment or purchased item(s) can only be dealt with by the individual concerned, or if appropriate, the relevant authority. accepts no responsibility for any loss of property or money through use of this free service.

By using these classifieds forums, you agree to these terms. Any questions or issues should be directed to the forum moderators.