Classics and Brekkie

Seeing as there isnt a Classic Bike section on here … YET (nudge nudge)I was looking on a Classic Bike site and found this for today.

Sunday 31st August 2008

All Day Breakfast

It’s back! - our all day breakfast – so bring your bike, bring the missus!
(or just come and look round) and enjoy breakfast.

Entry £6 – Includes BBQ and Museum entry


Its in London and its raining, anyone fancy going ?

Must get round to that meself soon :wink:

Whats wrong with today :smiley:

Gotta work, spraying a Gixxer :wink:

Plus my back is FUBAR so no riding for a few days yet, not even the Busa :smiley:

Maybe we should put the November event in the diary

Get Well Soon too, Hope Nurse Debz is looking after you :wink:

Good plan :cool:I’ll dig out her uniform :smiley:

Ok Ok make me feel ten times worse than I do already… We are really really grateful that you are slaving away especially on such a nice day as Saturday was, (Mark worked aswell) whilst I sat by the sea :smiley:

Shame I’ve just seen this thread otherwise I’d have put my shoes on and walked there :D:D:D

:laugh: If I wasn’t painting that I’d have been working on somethin’ else :stuck_out_tongue:

Feel free to buy me a cup of tea if it makes you feel better :smiley: Welsh tea is nice :cool: