Classic Tax/Insurance question

I been trying to look all over for this information but for some reason it is very very hard to find… even the DVLA site didn’t help. So I am hoping someone on here would know the answer.

When does a vehicle become classic? Does it have a tax reduction… insurance discount?


Internet says…

Vehicles registered before 1/1/1973 (says constructed, but unlikely to have a vehicle registered before it was constructed)

They are exempt from road tax.

However, for insurance purposes I know that most insurance companies (Those that deal with classic cars/bikes) tend to use a general idea of 20 years.

Damn and I thought my 98’ bike would be a classic by now:)))

Naming a motorcycle a Classic can depend on the person’sreasons for calling it a classic.

The vintage motorcycle association formally I gather can agree to recognise a bike as a classic when the first versions on the road were 25 years ago. But they don’t have to, and a bike might lose the vote I understand

Being over 15 years old, my GPz900r is called a classic and of the 25 year old lineage by the VMA I can get classic motorcycle insurance. But the catch 22 is if you take out classic insurance you automatically lose the NCB. (In reality I have it under a multibike insurance, My VFR800 is regarded asthe main bike by the insurer and they don’t seem to care what my 900 is like,ie I’ve mentioned mods and asked if they want its mileage (I’m limited peryear) they have said no need, not interested, just tell us about the VFR.)

EBay sellers also call it a classic now the media does, and add extra money and classic to the blurb, to second hand parts and bikes.

DVLC do it when a group of MPs get around to changing the years defining classic or so it seems.

I expect my VFR will end up as a ‘classic’ in time too.