classic racer photos

can you name them chunky???

i know its not to difficult but i thought they looked pretty cool.





1/ Randy “Slaphead” Mamola

2/ Gary Dixon

3/ Mamola and Kenny Roberts Snr

Dixon’s Kwacker looks like a real beast…talk about sitting on a high perch…

one wrong!!!

What!:w00t:I will have to get my magnifying glass out;)Its a KR500 kwakasakiCould it be Eddie Lawson?

and a prize to mister chunky, yes its eddie lawson! circa 1981 on a kr500

A question for you Danno… What was unique about Lawson’s KR500?:wink:

err funny shape mudguard???

It never had a frame:w00t:It was a monococ construction, the fuel tank was the main spar of the chassis. Great idea but very complicated and never caught on:cool:Here is a picture of that very same bike undressed…fuggly innit?;):w00t:



very interesting concept but very complicated looking!!

look how thin the forks look!!!

I know!Everything seems so spindly compared to todays stuff. :w00t: