Classic party tracks 80s and 90s

Forget your “loveshack” and ya “oh what a night” and your compulsory “Barry white” looking for a good party playlist hit me with suggestions??? some cheese allowable

Back by Dope demand!!!

housemartins are really good

Difficult to say without knowing the kind of people attending

Ice Ice Baby - Vanilla Ice

Its a Celebration - Kool and the Gang

Jump Around - House of Pain

Sweet Child o Mine - Guns & Roses (Air guitar version)

Cars - Gary Numan

Tainted Love - Soft Cell

Rio - Duran Duran

Depends on your crowd…

Looking at the colour scheme of your bike perhaps I could suggest YMCA or Club Tropicana

Good call:

Eye of the Tiger
We built this city out of ROck and Roll - Starship
Wild Boys - Dran Duran
Hazy Shade of Winter - Bangles covering Paul Simon
Fight for your right - Beastie Boys
One way or another - Blondie
Hammer to Fall - Queen
Radio Gaga - Queen
Dancing in the Dark - Bruce Spingsteen

I like it but club tropicana does fit in with love shack so its out… sounds like blue and white envy to me

keep em coming

Anything by the Violent Femmes too

Aga Do

99 red balloons

i’ve got the power

informer by snow

JX - son of a gun

Blister in the sun, i was listening too that…

Aga do - one

no chance

How about … Oop’s upside ya head then

maybe ?? prodigy charlie/everybody in the place

pulp 1st time/sorted for E’s and whizz, story of my teenage life

Blue and White envy…noooo…anyway mines blue, black and silver along with clumps of mud and tarmac from Brands

My mate has the same special edition colour R1 as you with twin Termi’s as well. So there are at least two of you.

We call him Buttercup


Shhhhhhhhhhh mine aint termis, only the stickers are

You know with a yellow bike, you avatar could be misconstrued as an advert…

john wayne is big leggy -hazy fantazy

Its My Party (And I’ll Cry If I Want To…)

Nightcrawlers - Push the feeling on
Any Bon Jovi

for smoochin’ has to be careless whisper by George Michael

Red, red wine. Gotta be a good’un.

And you can surely find something excellent from Queen - Radio Ga Ga?