Classic Honda 400/4

Honda 400/4

This has been a ground up rebuild over the 10 years or so. Everything needed has been bought new. The seat is original recovered the rear mudguard is a USA version with the USA rear light and plate hanger, it’s beginning to fleck but a rechrome would sort it.

The clocks are original. The wheel hubs are original and the rims rechromed the spokes are new. Generally the bolts are original (they need to wire brushed and painted in). The head light is a H4 conversion. All the frame parts are triple s powder coated. The exhaust system is new throughout. New on this bike means Honda parts I have a sheaf of Dave Silver bills estimated at £3k

The engine was completely rebuilt and has run to and from the MOT station

I bought this in 92 as a basket case, it progressed into a ground up rebuild you see in the pictures. I got it MOT’d back in Jan but with 2 other bikes I don’t ride it. Equally I don’t want it to be a museum piece and last weekend I knocked off the stand damaging the tank (left side between the H and O of Honda).

The battery is probably flat, the starter motor is lazy I put new bushes in, but I was told it needs to be cleaned. The carbs haven’t been set up it has +1 size main jets so I think it’s running rich.

So it’s up for sale at £2000

if only i had enough room!!