classic bikes

well i was just wondering if any one on here has any older/classic bike as iam very intrested in them if so mayb put a few pictures up? and ill try get some off my older bikes up.

Have a look in the pictuers section, loads in there :slight_smile:

Love em too … been to the Stafford Classic Bike Show twice this year and Bristol is the next one in February, often found walking round Kempton autojumble with the other half, mine aint a classic yet its only a baby at 15 :stuck_out_tongue:

well I have:

1976 KH500, KH 400

1976 GT750

1975/6 GT380 x 3

1977 GT550

RGV 250 1992

Kr1 and Kr1s…will post some photos when I get to my main computer…

T complete my list I WANT:-




Matchless G12 majestic dual magneto

Thats it then no more old bikes…all newsh from then on…until of course I see something I really like…Hmmm

What bikes do you like

You lucky bugger !! gissa go on the kettle always wanted one of them, had a GT380, KH250,CB400-4, CB750k6 sohc CB750FB shoulda kept some of them but needed the cash at the time.

kettle one of my favourites for sure…lovely relaxed ride below 85…bit lary above that…

380 like a proper two stroke power band and all…

rgv little rocket almost as much power as the 750…out of a 250…

And not a single Aircooled RD amongst your collection or wish list…Shame on you :P:D

yes Yamaha 's were great bikes just engineering wise so boring…until the rd 500,but then it got too complex…triples were my first love and it will be my last…and all that…

i have a black yamaha rd200 sitting in my mates garden had been there for 6years after failing an mot for a bent frame i fixed it after my mate crashed my bike had it all looking like new i was well gutted:)

Got a 1986 CBR400R Aero. Does that count as a classic. Parts are a pain to get and later model parts dont fit it. Its been of the road since october because the front brakes need replacing for the mot. I wish i never had bought it. :crying:

yes but didnt you get it real cheap…cant you get replacement discs or contact a scrappie…why do they need replacing…cant they be refurbished, I bet parts are still available from honda dealers somewhere…

If you dont want it give it to me I will have it…

No its just expensive scrap.

I used to have a 1980 RD350LC … was brilliant, but it got stolen.

Now, the classic (well, to me anyway) that I really like is the original Fireblade … so, I bought one. I ride it most of the time, even in this crap weather.

Simple is good IMO :slight_smile: My LCs were never boring to ride :stuck_out_tongue: I swapped my 750 Kettle for a 350LC :smiley: Would probably go for the triple nowadays though :cool:

1965 Triumph Tiger 100 owned and ridden since 1970’s

1955 Triton (triumph engine norton frame) bought recently unfinished

lovely bikes hallspeed, heres one I spotted for the first time ever outside a museum, a TRIBSA - triumph engine BSA frame, it probably goes to the ace a lot Ive just never seen it before.


yes never really had it for the old english bikes…Matchless is because my dad had it then sold it to me then I sold it on…wish I had kept it but in them days 40 pounds was a fortune…but as i say i will get another…

here is the 380 that looks good but i think 2nd gear has lost a tooth so will need a strip down…have two others one running but needs finishing the other needing tender loving care

And here is the KH 400…the others are all in a state of disrepair…for my spare time…

Gonna give serious thought to getting another 380, had a whale of a time on my one never a hint of trouble, unlike my KH250 that used to keep nipping up centre pot.

never had a bit of trouble with my kh 250

the kh500 has always been a bit temperamental but cracking bike…

my main 380 has a second gear problem as i say so likely she will be stripped next year, or over winter…want to do my rg250 first then the kh500 and maybe start on my Kr1s…but then likely non will get done…again…