classic bike tax..

anyone know when a bike is elegable?..

i thought it was 20 years…and cant be arsed to go through that feckin automated system again for the DVLA



Jan 1973 I think :wink: They no longer do the rolling years.

Shame because my Busa would be free soon :stuck_out_tongue:

You are exempt from Tax if the motorcycle was registered on or before 31 December 1972

thanks guys…great help ;).


wot bike is it out off intrest i like my classics:P

hey dan

its my baby…a 1989 GSXR 750 k slingshot…

she’s been off the road for a year now and im still on the re-build after i already restored her back to as close to factory as possable(inside and out)…all in all…it cost me about £3,000 to rebuild…then 2 days later a van takes me out writing her off on a cat c…

gutted is an understatement…:angry:.

so got some new fairings off ebay and im repainting it all white like the old endurance racing bikes with sponsorship decals and yellow number boards ect…

but with the baby on the way i have to do this on a shoestring…and im doing the best with no if atall little funds…fairings…casings…rusted bits…clip ons…rear sets…arse end…front end…all has needed or needs attention…but im getting there…;).

things a bloke does for the love of his dream bike eh?:).


ah kool nice bikes them i got a friend with a 1100 slabby :slight_smile: love the olde gixxers:D:D

o we thought you meant the other bike

oldie gixxers rule top man bring her out to play so i can have a look my mate rob has a 7/11 nice bit off kit and bloody mad o ride even for it’s age i love the old bikes me… i used to have a old x7 when i was 19 that was fun in till i blow her up and gave up… although i blow her up ever week but was still fun just like the rg250 that keep blowing and although the 180 rg has had her moments she ain’t blown half as much 1s! most the time it’s water getting into the open pod filter cos it sits under the real wheel and spray water into the air intake which iam getting on sorting now but summers on the way and she is sweet then. NO BLOODY RAIN i like rain shame the gamma don’t atm…love the old gammas iam a gamma bod only thing i am a bod at strokers:) love em ummm 2t make me horney yer yer yer :slight_smile: i am a kh5 and water boiler 750 man my self old man had 1 wot a buzz also love the old kr1s witch i also have the privilege 2 ride and rgv250sp witch Matt owns love em:)