Clarke 910 Jumpstart

Any one else got one?

I have just moved to a new place with a garage without power, I have three bikes and one is a courier bike so no time to take the battery upstairs to charge it.

I bought the Clarke 910 so I can jump-start any of the bikes, pump up tyres etc.

My question is, on reading the instructions, it says I should connect the red lead to the positive terminal of the battery (OK no problem there), and the black to an engine bolt or chassis, if I was jumping from a car I would put the black on the negative terminal battery.

Can I still do this or do I need to use the engine or chassis?


Yes you can use the negative terminal but it often easiest to use any well earthed bare metal, Footrest hangers are good

I don’t have a clarke Jump start pack I use a Sealey Pro one but it all the same aaaand in a workshop it gets used all the time

If you using it in an un powered garage as a power source as well make sure it gets taken inside and charged regularly as it has only got a sealed bike sized battery in it and like a bike battery if left flat it will die !


I had a Clarke Jump Start for my car, cracked it out this week as I needed it and yes, I’d left it for a few years and the thing is only usable as a doorstop now :frowning:

So it’s seems a monthy charge up is in order then :wink:


Try sticking it onto an optimate for a few days, those things are magic. If you don’t have one you can drop it over to mine…

No power in garage.

This is an emergency fix only, as I ride my bikes pretty much all year round, the CB750 doesn’t get as many miles as the CBf or VFR and is the one I sometimes have to charge up (Haven’t used a battery charger on the other two for years).

But if I have a pre-booked job and for example used the heated grips a bit too much the night before, I can’t muck about, the bike needs to start.

I used to push start it, but it’s up hill from my garage so that option isn’t on anymore.

The Clarke is on charge so it will be another day or so before it gets its first test.


Well I like that.

Hooked the jumpstart up to the 750, waited a minute and started the bike, no fuss, just easy.

Took it back up stairs when I got back from a 20 mile bimble to put some more leccy in the battery, and I had used hardly any of the charge as the light went off in two minutes.

Haven’t used the compressor, the light or the 12 power supply yet, but would happily recommend of these for anyone who needs to get a bike started with no fuss.