clappam common tea hut..

gonna be meeting some LBers there in about half an hour…gonna be there awhile…so if ya fancy…meet you there for a tea…!!!

see ya…im off!!!


i`m coming

ur turn to buy the teas boyo!!!

damn and i see this now! too bloody late as usual, give us a shout next time you are there boys and ill buy the teas (only down the road from me)

Gems :smiley:

know what…we could make a regular thing of that tea hut now couldn’t we…or is that already going on and I’m just too much of a social recluse to turn up?

sorry tobes…we meet there quite often mate…lol

usually me ,gsxrresurecter,frogga,adz,firebladepaul…and a few more…

its fantastic lil place that you can just waffle away hours of your time…lol

good thing is…you dont have to plan a specific day to go there…becouse its so close…its just a phone call/pm/txt away…and ur there in 10mins…

great stuff


Use it all the time, great cup of tea to be had there.