Clandestine (sons of anarchy from Belfast)

“Set in Belfast, “The Clandestine” tells the story of disaffected office types trying to recapture a sense of adventure and purpose in their lives by taking up riding. They do so in the sincerest pastiche of the whole American biker thing possible, introducing a healthy dose of European culture along the way.”

this is either going to be brilliant or absolutely crap

I’ll plump for the latter…

you guys realise it’s a piss take, right? :unsure:

Ah I thought they might go all the way with a whole series of piss take… :smiley:

That’s where the whole piss take could go horribly wrong :smiley:

apparently they have done a couple of episodes before, and they might do more. could go downhill fast

Episodes as in more than 2 mins long??? oh dear…

Season 1 is online!:smiley: