Claiming on separate leather insurance

As many of you will know, I had an accident a while back and as a result of the accident my jacket and helmet need to be replaced. The damage to the bike has been minimal and, if I remember the situation, it will be difficult to prove that the other guy was at fault - I am waiting for the police to finish their investigation before I decide if I make a claim. I don’t want an open claim, especially when the money I’ll get back will be minimal.

However, when I took out my policy I got a separate clothing and helmet insurance if I was involved in any accident. I have had to declare the accident to my insurance (because police are investigating) so was thinking to claim on that to get some of the clothes back. I would only get about £250 but at least that will cover a new helmet or the cost of my new jacket (which I already bought).

How does it work with these policies? I know it will not affect my NCB but will I need to declare this claim when I renew, as it is not a claim on my motorbike policy?

Bottom line is, I hate claiming on insurance as hate the bureaucracy and stress that goes with it and if I can do anything to avoid a claim, I will…

To be honest man, I think this leather & lid stuff is pony. I have had the cost of my damages repaid to me, and not once did anyone ask about my leather/lid cover. It was just factored in as part of my claim.
So it looks like the insurance companies are skimming some extra their way.

So I’d ask, if you’re not at fault, then you can claim it off of the third party. Does that help?

Yeah I know what you mean… The problem is that claiming on the insurance policy will be very long and drawn out process and could (quite likely) end up not being in my favour. You know how these things can change. If it was a clear cut case, I would have already been claiming but because he didn’t hit me, only moved slightly enough into my path to make me take action. I have no idea what the witnesses said (if there were any) because I was put into an ambulance and taken to hospital.

I also vaguely remember hearing the police officer talking to the ambulance crew and he made a comment like: “oh listening to music, must have been a bit distracted”

That’s why I wanted to just claim on this separate policy to avoid the longer, drawn out process which might affect my NCB if it’s not in my favour in the end… they could decide 50:50 and be done with it!

as you know i had the same thing happen to be and havent claimed for the same reasons. i dont have a seperate insurance for gear so cant replace that.

i would assume it is seperate- like having a mobile phone insurance. what would happend if you dropped your lid down the stairs and your dog ate your jacket? would you not claim?
did you give bike and plate no details to insurer? or is it done with the same insurer as your bike one?

i would call them and ask what would happen if you did claim?

Have you seeked out advice from somewhere like White Dalton? I hired them to represent me, and its been an extremely positive experience. It wont take long to be sure with them, and they might just wish to take your case on

Pan if my dog ate my jacket, I couldn’t claim on this separate… it’s only to be used if you have an accident. Supposedly for if you fall off on your own - do you now see why I took it out? :stuck_out_tongue:

Saxon, I thought you had to inform the insurance company if you wanted to make a claim first and then contact white dalton’s?

I’m no expert, bro. Call them, you’ll be sure that way :smiley:

i called white dalton without calling my insurance. they did though advice me to call my insurance which i ignored :Whistling: