Claiming against a council ?

Hi all,

Does anyone here have any experience claiming against a council for damages to a motorcycle ?

My bike was parked on the pavement at my sister’s house this weekend when the pavement under the centrestand collapsed, the centrestand disappeared into the hole, and the bike fell over hitting a car.

I really don’t want to carry the costs of this episode, and I’d like to know if there is any chance I could make a claim against Bexley council.

Thanks in advance,


Not sure the pavement is supposed to carry the weight of a bike so the council might have a get out clause there but I’d talk to a Solicitor about it. White Dalton seem to receive favourable comments.

I have had dealings with bexley council, they did admit liability in the case, but it was out of the blue after months of saying it was nothing to do with them.
Recently, they have had a crackdown on vehicles using the pavements, they forced eveyone in my road to pay £900 for a dropped kerb if we were using driveways without them!

Including me, now i get annoyed when people park over it blocking my drive, I paid for it, surely i should have to right to use it? Grrrrrr

You need to prove that they were negligent. Since they will have had no idea that the pavement would do that, you will find this very difficult.

you can report cars that park over your drive to the council and they will do either 2 things, contact the driver of the vehicle if possible and tell them to move it or they’ll tow it. well thats how my council does things :slight_smile:

I asked, they said i can join a scheme that will ticket anyone parking over my drive via traffic wardens, but if my boyfriend or other family do it when they come to see me, they also get a ticket… bexley have well thought out schemes they do… :D:D

yeah i heard similar to that. if i parked over my drive, a traffic warden could come and ticket me even though its MY drive…makes no sense

I think you’ll find that Bexley will ticket your own car if you park across your own drive - hope you enjoyed your holiday Mel:)