CLAIM BACK YOUR BANK CHARGES for the past 6 years !!!

i watched the Money Programme tonight and heres how to claim back your Bank Charges for bounced cheques / overdrawn / etc…for the past 6 years!


this link will take you to the information you will need and a copy of the letter you will have to send them to get your money back for the past 6 years…in the next 14 days!!


I’m in the process of doing mine, reminds me I need to chase them up!! A friend of one of my colleagues got over £1500 refunded.

How long did it take them to get their money…and what if u cant find 6 years of charges? (just a thought) fraid i cant apply but others may want to know to?

a builder on there tonight was getting back £12,000

and a young lady got her £4000 back

there is a section in the link which tells you how to estimate charges and if the bank doesnt agree with the estimate they have to tell you how much they have charged you !!!

this is the letter

you should get your money back in 14 days

this is the letter you need to send to ask for your refund link

salee thanks for the info, should be able to afford a holiday next year if they give me all my money back


do it mate…if you dont try …you wont get

Oh Saleeeeee, I fink I luv u!!!

Nice one Salee x

Sent mine in yesterday. Have two mates who have had refunds so I know it works.

You are entitled to get copies of your last 6 years statements from your bank. They can charge you up to £10 for it but as it’s info held about you, you are entitled to have a copy.

i have got to look into this, the bleedin charges i have had from the banks and card people. I often thought they were robbing b##t##ds now maybe some has been able to prove it. Thanks for posting this one Sal x x

Superb info, thanks Salee!

be prepared to stand by your word…that you will carry this through to the Courts

if they offer you a small amount in the first instance…stand your ground

People have charges running into £12000…?

I quite agree with getting the money back but… £12000 of charges… kind of makes you think he should have learned not to use his credit card. As ever though, he is free to run up another £12000. Tell ya what mate, let me look efter yer finances, I’ll only charge £11999 and 100 pence. How’s about that?

well he was a small business man, a builder, and customers were late paying or cheques bounced and so he gets charged, again and again…not credit cards…all bank charges !!

astounding… but apparently it happens

I claimed mine back from my bank about three months ago…It was a doddle!

I wasn’t expecting it to be too much, but got quite a pleasant surprise when I worked out how much it was.

Try registering with when you register with them, which is free, you can download all of the letters that you need to send your bank!

Briliant Salee!!!

I’m gonna try it - what have I got to loose…???

i must now tell you all…there was a report that some Banks may get mean and ask you to shut your account after …which is their loss!!

prepare yourself…get another account first before you send in the paperwork…you may not need it…you can always close it again

and what with all the press on this at the moment…it may take a little longer than 14 days!

good luck